Treat yourself with a beautiful marble piece

The Tunisian Marble Company SOTUMAR, is specialized in the marble processing industry, marble and granite: sawing blocks, shaping and work of art.
SOTUMAR ,which has been serving over 10 years, is a leading company in this field it does not cease to expand its mission to the export( 20%of the turn over).


Marble is a rich stone, which gives a touch of luxury to your home, this stone has an incredible ability to reflect light and polish



Enjoy the beauty
and design

In order to provide the best services both in the quality of its marble – where the selection of the material is the prerogative of a team of professionals – as well as the quality of its service, SOTUMAR is endowed with a performing art equipment, a team of highly- qualified technicians and know how that enables it to meet the most demanding customers.